5 Entertaining alternatives to surviving the Summer Heat.

Well, it’s that time of year when the sand is hot under foot and no matter what beverage you have you just can’t seem to cool down So we have put together some fun alternatives that you can achieve by staying inside with air conditioned comfort.

Close the curtains grab an ice block and put on your favourite game or streaming service

When the road is melting and SPF 50 just isn’t cutting it in the Australian summer why not wack on the AC to a Tasmanian Summer setting of 18 degrees, Grab your favourite ice cold beverage or frozen treat and get some screen time.

If you have a favourite streaming service or gaming console fire it up or why not check out some alternatives like Slots and Pokies online all the fun of the casino from the comfort of your lounge chair. Maybe convince a friend to provide the table service.

Give your Credit Card a Work Out in Air Conditioned Comfort
Well not all of us have the luxury of air-conditioned comfort at home so this option may be for you, load the friends and family into the car … careful of the hot seatbelt. Crank the AC to full and head to your local Westfield or Shopping Centre which you can stop shop and roll in air conditioned comfort.

Head to the Movies
It’s hot out and if you’re like me of the lighter skin tone you may opt for a dark cool place to sit and be entertained, so why not head down to your local movies smuggle in some snacks or a beverage or two and spend your afternoon in the air conditioned comfort. Or for an extra treat step up the funds and go gold class and treat yourself.
Grab a Frosty with a Friend
We all need sometimes with our friends but instead of getting sand everywhere and searing your feet to medium rare while you drag all of your shade back to the car, We suggest pulling up stumps at your nearest pub for a few cold ones.

Surely there will be some sporting match on the screen for the blokes or a cute bartender for the ladies to look at.
But the most important thing is the drinks are cool and chances are so is the air conditioner.

Road Trip
If the heat is setting in for a few days put together some friends and family and plan a road trip somewhere cooler, if you’re on a budget all chip in get an Air BNB and sit back relax and watch the world go round. Knowing others are sweltering through the heat back home.
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