5 Fantastic Fashion Tips For Staying Stylish Over 60

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Often times, when people hit a certain age, they start to believe that they no longer have the right to be fashionable, or that their time has passed and that there is no room for fashion in their lives. We cannot stress on how untrue this is, as we believe that everyone deserves to look stylish, regardless of age. If you are over 60 and are completely out of your depths when it comes to all things fashion, or are simply looking for a wardrobe revamp, then this article is just for you. Read on to find out our 5 fantastic fashion tips for staying stylish over 60.


  1. Hire A Personal Shopper


You may find that you are slightly out of touch with today’s fashion trends, and who can blame you? Fashion flows as quickly as water does sometimes, with trends going in and out faster than you can say “Versace!” . This is why hiring a personal shopper can really be to your benefit. Personal shoppers are up to date with all the current fashion trends, and can steer you in the right direction when it comes to picking the most stylish wardrobe for yourself. Personal shoppers also know how to dress people in accordance to their age, weight and body type, so you’ll be ensured the most flattering outfits ever. Need fashion advice? Look no further than your very own personal shopper.



  1. Embrace Your Age


60 and above? Rock it, instead of trying to ignore it.

Often times, when people try to dress themselves in clothing or fashion that is appropriate for someone who is much younger than they ate, they paradoxically make themselves look a lot older than they actually are. Dressing in fashion that is age appropriate can have the effect of making you look a lot younger. Why so? Well, this is because people will not be distracted by your age-inappropriate clothing, and can instead appreciate how stylish you look, how great your hair looks or how your skin is glowing. Mini skirts are a no-no over 60!


  1. Go For The Classics


Classic recipes, classic film and classic art can never go wrong, neither do they ever age.

One of the advantages of being a little older is that you have seen it all – you have been through all the fashion trends in past decades, and you have the elegance and freedom that comes from being able to choose the classic styles that have truly endured the test of time. The classics are timeless, so you’ll never go wrong with them. Never feel the need to succumb to fashion trends ever again!


  1. Look To Icons Of Style


Have a look at Meryl Streep and Judi Dench – don’t they just look fantastic for their age?

When it comes to picking the most stylish fashion over 60, seek inspiration from celebrities who are also over 60. Idolising Britney Spears won’t bring you anywhere, so focus on the likes of Streep and Dench when it comes to emulating a celebrity’s fashion style. You definitely can’t go wrong with these classy ladies.



  1. Dress For Your Role In Life


Often, when you are younger, you are told to ‘dress the part’.

Guess what? In your 60s, it is no different. Instead of having to dress the part at an office, it is now time to dress the part of the role in life that you want to have. Love to travel? Accessorise with complementary pieces that you have collected from your travels. Love keeping fit? Load that wardrobe with the latest in stylish activewear. You don’t have to dress like a grandma just because you’re a certain age, so go out and rock it.




With these fashion tips in hand, you’ll find yourself being the fashion envy of all your friends – even the young ones! With a little know-how and thoughtful planning, you’ll be giving any young person a run for their money when it comes to looking fabulous!




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