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A gourmet ice cream parlour with a scientific twist has recently opened in the newly refurbished Chevron Renaissance precinct in Surfers Paradise, providing locals with a new way to experience the delicious dessert.

The first of its kind on the Gold Coast, Negative210 uses liquid nitrogen as an avant-garde way of formulating a unique, handcrafted ice cream that is appealing to all of the senses.

Owner and lead mixologist, Ash Beard, says he wanted to provide locals with a different take on the popular dessert preference, with himself and business partner Matt Perry travelling across the world to master the art.

“Matt and I went to high school together on the Gold Coast and we always wanted to explore an untapped market, and bring the locals something new and exciting,” Mr Beard said.

“We actually flew over to America to learn how to do it properly before opening the store here.

“Being the first one on the Gold Coast, it was important to us to deliver great service and distinctive ice cream flavours that will keep customers coming back for more.

“By using liquid nitrogen, the ice cream is a lot softer and tastier as it doesn’t give the ice crystals time to develop,” he said.

When mixed in a bowl with the cream concoction, the liquid nitrogen, which is frozen at -210 degrees Celsius, flash-freezes the mixture and produces a captivating cloud of smoke that spills out over the edge.

Due to the freezing temperature of the liquid nitrogen itself, it can be extremely dangerous to bare skin when poured, which is why all of the mixologists are properly trained in the art of nitrogen ice creamery.

The ice cream is made from scratch, starting with a bowl of cream, mixed in with Nutella and Oreo’s for the ‘Love at First Sight’, before being blasted with the liquid nitrogen, which produces the smooth, tasty texture beneath the cloud of smoke.

“Some of the flavours on offer include a combination of flavours, such as Banana, Coconut and Chocolate, Nutella and Oreo Fudge, Mint Slice Delight, Salted Caramel Pretzel and Espresso Tim Tam,” said Ash.

“But we’ve also been quite active on our Facebook page asking our customers what flavours they would like to see, so the menu will constantly evolve.”

Negative210 have also created the World’s Hottest Ice Cream, and for those who are brave (or crazy) enough to try it, can participate in the When Hell Freezes Over challenge, where you must devour the house-made chilli powder, chocolate and cinnamon mixture within half an hour.

Signing a lease in the newly refurbished Chevron Renaissance in a 52m2 shopfront with a 14m2 alfresco, it’s another boutique offering on the retail centre priding itself on attractive artisan shops and one-off eateries.

“We knew that Chevron Renaissance would be a great scene for Negative210 as it is a prime location and has a variety of unique restaurant offerings,” he said.

Chevron Renaissance General Manager Gerard Coorey, said that the addition of Negative210 to the retail precinct added to the overall experience for the shopper.
“Through the refurbishment, we have created a vibrant, energetic and urban shopping experience which breaks free from the older style of shopping centres – it is something our target market are really seeking.”
Ideally located in the powerhouse of the Surfers Paradise main tourism area, Chevron Renaissance is a dynamic retail, dining and entertainment complex. Just metres form the fabled white sands of Surfers Paradise beaches, this iconic retail destination has undergone a multi-million dollar renewal project, becoming a major catalyst in revitalising the heart of the Gold Coast.
With more than 60 existing tenants including the only Coles supermarket in Surfers Paradise and the world class chocolatier Max Brenner, Chevron Renaissance has a thriving loyal shopper base that enjoys the only two hour free car parking in Surfers Paradise. Level one of the complex also comprises 20 tenancies, predominantly offices, which combined have a total space of more than 4,000sq m.

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