Best Smartwatches for 2016

2016 has seen the smartwatch market find its feet with operating systems established and developers launching support for varying models. However choosing the best tech for your wrist is now a tough task given the range of models on the market we hope to break this down for you with some of our top picks in the market below.

Apple Watch


The smart watch industry seemed to enter the mainstream with the release of the Apple Watch with even our prime minister sporting a model.

The Apple watch was the first wearable device to place importance on usability and design with its standard Apple fan fair the apple watch comes in many designs all with its refined operating system

The Apple Watch range from $429 to over $2000 with custom Hermes bands.

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Samsung Gear


Samsung was the first major phone manufacturer to launch wearable technology and this is a major focus for the team over at Samsung and the Gear S2 Classic is the latest of the manufacturers wearable tech targetted to the Samsung users on the Android OS

The new devices now support a mix of design, health and advanced features like wireless charging and ranging in price points with the standard model ranging from $329 to $598 depending on your retailer

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Fit Bit

The Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit was the company that brought wearable tech to the forefront of our minds with the launch of fitness trackers into mainstream use Fitbit devices started out as pedometers Which linked to your device. Now a few years later and many models the range of Fitbit devices are trackers to smartwatches with the primary focus on fitness but also providing fashionable and feature intensive options for everyday use

Their latest release the Fitbit Blaze is a fitness watch packed with many features including continuous heart rate monitoring, connected GPS, calls & text notifications, music controls changeable bands and multi-sports activity monitoring at an affordable price of $199.95

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