Designers Corner with Winslow Luxury

When and what led you to the realisation you wanted to start designing …?

All through my life growing up, I loved art, music and really felt an emotional connection towards anything creative. My escape on many occasions from life was to sit in my room and draw and be immersed in the zone, it felt like heaven when I was in this space, peaceful and truly satisfying. Unfortunately, like many of us, I was advised to take the safe path of a stable career, and a secure life. Although it was against my grain, I force my-self to be part of this other world that was not at all consistent with what I love or am passionate. 10 years went by, I was more stressed and more depressed than I ever was, and was not really going much further in terms of my career, as my chosen path was not a purposeful existence. When I reached 30, I stopped and decided to make a decision, to do what I love, and live a life that is meaningful and purposeful, a life of contribution, no matter what anyone things or says. So I went on a journey of soul searching, tried a few creative avenues, but finally fell into fashion and I loved it, from day one. My first day in my class, with other design students, I felt at home and it totally fell right. Since then I have not looked back, it has been about 8 years and my passion today, is as powerful as the first day I sat in that class knowing this was what I am meant to do.

Since we have started the business, and are connected to my authentic self, through my daily actions, I really feel that we are all given great and individual talents, to fulfil a greater purpose. In fashion, I have witnessed an industry that has very little respect for individuals and a lot of established brands that are driven by selfish motives. I believe my main purpose is not just to design great clothes, this is just what I love to do, I believe our main purpose through this journey is to contribute a positive message to everyone that touches our brands, from customers to every single individual within our supply chain. If we can make a real difference in the lives of these people, we have achieved what we are meant to do. And this is when I know we have reached success.

What was the first item you designed…?

The first item that I designed was a black dress, embellished with Swarovski crystals, it was a fitted dress with a low back, a very classic and timeless cut. The greatest thing about art is that it is a means of self expression. At the moment of creation, one is absorbed by the task at hand, but once the piece is completed, in reflection, it is always evident, how the pieces that you create are really an expression of your life. I have been brought up in 3 different cultures, and in that dress it was so clear for me to see, the fine details, of the south east, and the richness and luxury of the middle east, and the timeless and modern silhouettes of the west. I think any artist, who has the time to truly create from the heart, will know that every piece is truly a piece of you to the world, an expression of self.

What is your favourite part of the design process..?

The favourite part of the design process for me is working with our team. See I started design when I was 30, although I love it and are fully absorbed by it, I am not a master of all aspects of design. I have an understanding but not a Master of every aspect.  In the last 8 years, what we have truly achieved is brought together an exceptional team, with over 150 years of experience combined, in different aspects of the design and construction.  As a team we each have our individual strengths, our own mastery, which we collectively contribute during the different stages of design and the melting pot of these ideas that evolve from a vision to a final piece is the most exciting and inspiring process of design.

Inspiration is a big part of any process where do you draw yours from …?

Like most designers I have ton’s and ton’s of magazine clippings and ideas that are derived from pictures and ideas of people, places, art, technology and fashion. These are ideas are drawn from our environment that surrounds us.  I note these as my visual inspirations.

Then I also research mood, and emotion, in terms of colours, and sounds, our primary objective as a brand is to always connect emotionally with our customers, and evoke a positive vibration within them. So I draw inspiration from here too.

And finally and most importantly is my soul or spirit connect to my work, this is where I think the greatest source of inspiration is drawn, I believe the other sources are influencers but the spirit connect is where the best inspiration comes from. My greatest work has come in my dreams, where I would wake up and sketch an idea, I feel these ideas are the closest thing to the real expression of myself, and state. And the purposeful message that I am meant to put out to the world.

When sketching out your latest designs do you have anything that helps you get creative a favourite music, food or process …? 

When creating my latest designs, I love to be alone, in solitude is where my best work comes from. I enjoy listening to classical music, listening to nature, or sitting in my back yard listening to the stillness, richness and beauty of life.  It helps me to relax into a still state.

How would you describe your brands market and style …?

The Winslow style  is something that represents, quality and elegance, most of our designs are timeless as we believe that great pieces transcends fads or trends and live for a life time. Our most important priority in every garment is comfort from the tailored fit to the type of materials that rub against your skin. We source and work with the best to ensure that, the choice of fabric is not harming your body in any way. With every style we provide a made to measure service, as we understand that no two people are the same, and we are all unique and brilliant just the way we are, and hence we provide this for any of our designs. We continue to listen to our customer needs and provide the service that caters to our most important people, you.

As a business and an individual it is our duty to contribute positively to mankind and to our environment, and we have done our due diligence with every company we work with to make sure, that every associated business, treats their employees ethically and are rewarded likewise, we also have partnered with factories that are world leaders in terms of contribution to the environment as we believe that we as a people, need to do our bit, to make this world a better place for generations to come. Our business model is not a typical shareholder model that is only driven by bottom line profits at the cost of anything, we have a conscious and we will under no circumstance have a sole focus on profits alone, we will always continue to measure our performance on a triple bottom line. People , Environment and Profits. Our manufacturing partner overseas that produce Winslow garments, is also Asia’s first carbon neutral factory and the world’s only green factory, with 10 green factories proposed to open by 2014. Some of our profits will be re-invested for just causes in various countries, to support people and families, live a better life.

We are all about beautiful things, but luxury does not have to come at a price of another person’s life. We live by the motive, that it is not what we keep that measures our success, but it is with what we are able to contribute, to the world and to the lives of everyone around us that measure true success.

Where can our readers get their hand on your label …? 

We are new brand, and we are at the moment looking for selected stockists that share our brand values, to showcase and retail our garments. We are also available online or by appointment. We want to promote our style of luxury around the world and we appreciate your support, and spreading the word.

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Ravishing Red Super 120 Italian Wool Suit

Luxurious Silk Blouse, fabric from Paris

Genuine Swarovski Crystal Buttons


Photographer : Steven Popovich

Model : Tiffany Winteler

Hair & Make Up : Maree Dolores Spagnol