Dressing up for the Melbourne Cup

The new Park Precinct

Melbourne Cup is an annual event that has been described as a racing event that brings the nation to a standstill. But despite this day being marked by sporting events, it’s also the day when people show up in A-class fashion. There’s actually a dress code at Flemington Racecourse. This dress code should be observed by the Birdcage, the Member’s enclosure and those who will park their vehicles at the Members’ Reserved Car Parks.

So if you’re dressing up for the Melbourne Cup in a couple of days from now, you ought to have standards that are in line with the general culture of people who attend this event at Flemington Racecourse. Perhaps you should keep the following things in mind:

1 Avoid shorts and pants, unless you’re in the comfort of your home playing All Slots Online Casino games

This event is partly about dressing. So even though there are no strict guidelines concerning dress codes, one should see it as an opportunity to show up in something unique. Tailored chinos are acceptable. A blazer or a sports coat with matching shoes is fine. But if you’re visiting from another country, then you’re allowed to wear the National dress of your respective country.

2 Dress code for the ladies — also includes teens who are above 12 years of age

Women and girls are also expected to keep up with the dignity of the Members’ Enclosure. Because this is a race day, some traditions must be honored, and one of them is dressing. Generally, ladies’ dressing should be in sync with the day’s event. Your dress should never be mistaken for a top. This also means staying relatively sober if you choose to enter the fashions realm.

Secondly, women should plan starting with the dress and then accessories later on. You don’t want to start with a hat and then figure out what dress you’re going to put on. If not, just have a dress and a hat that is made to suit.

3 By the way, wearing something on the head is a must

Whether it’s a hat, a headgear, or a headpiece, the event requires you to put something on your head. Otherwise, you will be screwing up your race-day outfit. And since it’s spring season, the kind of outfit you put on should reflect the season.

4 You don’t have to match your dressing

The idea is to make all the elements of your dressing complement each other instead of matching or wearing the same colours, starting from head to toe. You should never consider matching your hat with your shoes or bag. However, these elements can still pick hues from other elements of your dressing. At the end of the day, they should complement really well.

5 Finally, choose your shoes carefully

It’s never a good idea to leave the races or a Melbourne Cup Day function bare foot with the shoes in your hands. This means you should choose shoes which are comfortable to wear over long distances. Even though this is not a requirement when going out for lunch or attending the event for short periods of time, it is definitely a must if you’re going to spend the whole day there. And most importantly, remember that no one is obliged to attend these events. You can opt to stay at home and play All Slots Online Casino games instead. It will keep you busy.

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