Lets Find Jackson a Home !!!

There’s a little brindle dog who’s always waiting by the gate,
Many people passing by, not knowing he’s the best mate.
At AWLQ we are trying to find this awesome boy his home,
He’s ready for his new family and he’s the reason for this poem!

Our Jackson boy has lots of happiness, licks and love to share,
He leans in for a cuddle, then bounds around with flair,
Although his bouncing in the pens might make you think once or twice,
His happy personality and friendliness just doesn’t have a price.

He has a goofy grin when he’s running around the yard,
His tail’s up, his ears are back and fun is on the cards!
Other dogs are all good mates to this very handsome boy,
He’s happy in their company and even shares his toys.

He loves to have a run and play with his humans too,
And he’s so loyal we reckon he’ll follow you to Timbuktu,
He will do anything for food and sits nicely for his dinner,
With his eager-to-please nature he’s for sure a real winner!

So all he needs is a loving family to give him his opportunity,
Because he will delight, surprise, and keep the home in unity,
He’s a great all-rounder who’s been with us far too long,
Can you please share his message, and find this boy his home?

Jackson has been with us since the 22nd of August. He is social when making new friends, confident and will do well with an active, fun family! He enjoys daily trips to the beach, listening to classical music, feeding time and cuddle time with volunteers. You can meet him at the Animal Welfare League of Queensland’s Gold Coast Rehoming Centre on Shelter Road, Coombabah. Visit www.awlqld.com.au for more info.

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