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Miss Universe Australia 2016 Finalist – Veronica Cloherty

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Well, it’s that time of year when the search to find Miss Universe Australia is reaching that crowning moment. Australia’s National finalists have just returned from their international boot camp trip to Karma Resort Kandara. Set for the national final held later this month in Melbourne at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Wednesday, August 31st, 2016.

Starting off our national finalist interviews, we have Veronica Cloherty of New South Wales, who will be competing for the title of Miss Universe Australia.

Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe Australia competition. How does it feel to have made it so far?
This whole experience has been a massive eye opener. I’m learning so much about myself and to be chosen out of such an incredibly dynamic and beautiful range of girls in the state final is extremely humbling.

Tell us a little about yourself..?
I am a Sydney girl currently working as an Executive Assistant in the CBD. Some would say a social butterfly I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. My friends and Family agree I have a great sense of humour, although sometimes I think they are the only ones laughing at my jokes. Haha!

What would you say is your drive or motivation for entering such a contest?
As a young woman living in a consumer driven society it can be hard to find your identity and sense of self, this competition has helped me find my feet on what I stand for, my values and beliefs and how I want to be perceived in the world, and the steps I can take to make a difference. I believe the secret to life is giving, and Miss Universe is the platform for me to do so.

You have all just returned from a team trip to Karma Resort Kandara in beautiful Bali, What a fantastic experience?
I barely had time to wipe the makeup off my face from the NSW State Final, and I was on a plane to Bali! It was so surreal!
The resort was breathtaking it was so nice stepping back into summer and escaping the winter chills for a short while!

We heard you got to take part in some amazing experiences as part of your trip?
From yoga to boxing exercises to photo shoots and interviews, the whole trip was jam packed with awesome activities to keep us on the ball. My favourite part was visiting the Orphanage Bali Life where a met a girl with the same name as me- Veronica! She was a talented singer, and I encouraged her to sing with Jasmine (QLD finalist) for the group. Her courage and confidence were
so inspiring that will be something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

What was it like meeting all the other finalists from across the country? We are sure some new friendships formed.
Absolutely, Right at the beginning of the trip we did a workshop on Powerful Impressions with Egami Institute by Natasha
Di Ciano. One of the activities was a personality identifier, and I think this was a great ice breaker for the group in understanding our similarities and differences.

Now you are back home gearing up for the national finals what are your preparations looking like in the lead up to finals?
Eating healthy food, drinking heaps of water and exercise are the obvious ones. I have also been mentally preparing for the show, I don’t know what it will entail, but I’m excited to see what the future holds. I don’t believe in luck; I believe at the moment where preparation meets opportunity so I continue to do my daily rituals and grow as a human while remaining humble and passionate.

If you were to win the title, what do you hope to take from the experience and are there any social causes you hope to raise attention to in this period?
My grandmother suffers from Dementia, and it has had a great impact on my family and myself. Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia, and there is no cure. The prevalence of the disease is increasing in young people exponentially with a reported 25,100 Australians under the age of 50 suffering from the disease and for me, this calls for more attention surrounding the issue.

Well now we pick up the pace a little with some rapid questions
As this year the rivalry between state is set to bring a new element well maybe that’s just us hyping it up, Why do you think your state has what it takes to win?
Each state brings their qualities, but I think NSW girls have a lot of exposure to multiculturalism in Sydney which makes us all well-rounded individuals.

If you had to describe one thing that makes you stand out from the other contestants what would it be?
I don’t like to take myself too seriously, and I always love having a laugh.

What is something you find yourself always saying?

You go, Glen Coco!

What is your must have item, that you take everywhere?

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. #LowMaintenance

What are a few things that not many people know about you?

Sometimes snort when I laugh. Although I think everyone already knows that. Haha

And finally, what is your guilty pleasure?

Pork Crackling – I cannot get enough of it!

All of our national finalists are raising valuable money for children in need with ToyBox International if Veronica is your favourite, please make a donation to a worthy cause it goes along way.

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