Setting the Mood – How to Boost Your Mood With Decor Design

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Walking around a dreary house is one sure-fire way to get your spirits down in the dumps. Old, dilapidated couches, torn curtains, and greying carpets is one way to ensure that your mood isn’t ever lifted very high at home. This, coupled with a dreary job, can be the final nail in a sadness coffin that can seem to envelop your life.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however, and if you adjust your home decor, you can lift the lid on that aforementioned coffin and start enjoying your home once more. To help you achieve this goal, we have put together a few suggestions for boosting your mood with decor design, and we hope it will catapult your mood into the stars.



 Your curtains are the first thing your eyes fall on in the mornings, and the last thing you see before bed at night. They control the light flow into your room and the colour scheme most noticeable to your guests, as well as often being the jumping off point for the design of the rest of your furniture.

Try replacing standard cream curtains found in many houses with something that has a little more colour in it, like a deep red or a gentle light blue kind of commercial drapery. This in itself will make more difference than seems possible, and can get the creative juices flowing for the rest of the design of your household.



Next up is furniture, and this makes up a decent portion of the aesthetic value of your home. After curtains, your guests’ eyes wil naturally survey the room for information, and the furniture will tell them what kind of style you enjoy. Make sure you have a common design element across all rooms if possible, whether that be post-modern design elements throughout your furniture choices, or a particular pattern that can be found in a range of items.



Artwork makes up the backbone of your home, and the purpose of art is not only to suggest conversation, it’s to add aesthetic elements to your home. Small sculptures can make side tables stylish and sleek, as well as invigorating if the sculpture has the right message behind it. A small bronze statue of a wild predator, like a tiger or a wolf, can remind you of the power of nature and your role in it, which can inspire you to push yourself further in your various pursuits.

Functional Design

For some people, there’s nothing quite like a well-designed item of furniture that also has hidden functions not immediately obvious to the eye. These are often larger pieces, but remove the need for other items of furniture so your overall space usage is smaller. These include things like couches that have built-in coffee tables, or sofas that turn into bunk beds. Explore your interests and you’re bound to find something that excites you.


Storage Options

Storage options get some people unreasonably excited and other people unfathomably bored, but nobody can deny that they need storage in one way or another. Clothing, food, keepsakes, entertainment, utensils, essentials; all need storage. The storage you choose can be very effective/efficient, and very stylish, which can totally change the way you look at the space in your home. This upheaval of space use can boost your mood, as it’s almost like a whole new house for you to enjoy day-to-day.  

With these hints, your home begins to look a lot less drab and a lot more fab. Turn those dreary rooms into places you want to spend time in, and watch as your mood and mindset improve when you’re at home.

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