Talking LØVË with Aaron Carter

We may remember him as the singer of the sensational pop hit ‘I Want Candy’ back in 2000 or most commonly, baby backstreet, but now Aaron Carter is back with a brand new EP that’s nothing similar of what we once knew the musician as almost 14 years later.

Being absent for over a decade is what most of the world seems to believe, but he certainly hasn’t left the spotlight since first shooting to fame and new EP LØVË is the superlative anecdote of the very personal journey the all grown up artist is wanting to share.

“In the past few years I spent a lot of my time focusing on other aspects of the industry. I was apart of “The Fantastiks” Musical, where I performed in over 400 shows in one of the longest running musicals in the world, was a cast member on Dancing with the Stars and also learned how to produce music,” says Aaron.

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