A Trip down memory lane of memorable Cannes moments!

From Julia Roberts walking the red carpet barefoot to Cate Blanchett as this year’s President of the Jury, we take a trip down memory lane of memorable moments from Cannes and the infamous after parties, leading to this year’s event.

This week marks the opening of the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival, the most glamorous film gathering of the year. To set the mood for the A-list event, Writer and Content Creator Jim Chapman shares exclusive insight into the most memorable moments from previous years, and what to expect from this year’s festival.

Cannes is no stranger to controversy: this year sees a conflict between the Festival and Netflix, who have withdrawn its titles from the candidatures altogether. Back in 2015, Benicio del Toro walked the red carpet in high heels, while Julia Roberts appeared barefoot in an act of fashion rebellion against the antiquated dress code. The video also recalls memorable moments, such as Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx’s impromptu Gold Digger performance alongside Kanye West in 2011.

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