How to turn your passion for fashion into a solid career

Are you are considering a job in the fashion industry and thinking about how to turn this dream into a reality? If so continue reading this step by step guide on how to turn your passion for fashion into a solid career.

Evaluate your Options
Firstly you need to decide on which path you should take. There are so many roles available in the fashion industry so even if your actual designs skills are not up to scratch fear not, there should be a role that will fit your skill set. Think about what interests or excites you, do you enjoy looking up the latest trends, photography, styling or do enjoy problem solving and working with statistics? There are a huge amount of online resources that contain information about different roles within the industry so do your research in order to find a role that sounds like the one for you. If you are having trouble deciding on a particular role don’t stress too much about it. Many find that working towards one career will often lead to finding something completely unexpected.

Consider the qualifications or credentials required
Once you have pinpointed a career or considered which path could be right for you then it’s time to look into the qualifications or credentials the role may require. There’s a whole host of fashion stylist courses, design or business degrees and other fashion related training programmes in which you will be able to improve your skills. Perhaps you enjoy photography or blogging in your spare time but have a full time job in order to afford your hobby. In this case you could consider a part time or evening course in photography or writing in order to learn more about the art and meet like minded people. On the other hand jobs such as marketing or advertising will require different skills such as a knowledge of business so you could consider completing a business related course.


Get First hand experience
As with any industry, it’s always valuable to gain some first hand experience to see if you have what it takes. The great thing about the fashion industry in particular is that many people have worked their way through the ranks by gaining experience through internships or general work experience. If you’re interested in clothing and retail then look for a job in a retail store. If you’re obsessed with fashion photography then get out there and start capturing images to build up your portfolio.


Talk to people in the field and Network
Once you have an idea of which way you would like to go within the fashion industry and are gaining relevant experience it’s essential to get yourself out there and talk to people already in the industry. It’s important to remember that everyone started somewhere and so will have first hand experience as to what it takes to achieve your goals. Find out how they started their journey and ask for advice on how to get yourself noticed. It’s also important to network, in this industry who you know is just as important as what you know so try and make a good impression with everyone you meet along the way – they could come in handy in the future.


Be persistent
Finally it’s important to keep your end goals in mind throughout the whole process. Gaining a successful career in the fashion industry can sometimes take years to achieve so try not to get disheartened along the way. There may be times where you lose out on an opportunity but take these experiences as a lesson and try to learn from them. The fashion industry is a tough one and there are often a huge number of people applying for just one job so try to stay strong and remind yourself as to why you are persisting.


If you work hard and put the hours in it will one day pay off and you will be rewarded with the job of your dreams.


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